How do we manage our work roles and other life roles in different periods of our life? How do we balance paid and unpaid work, cope with set-backs and create opportunities, and keep learning?

Career Allies has the vision 'everyone has the allies or support they need to develop their career over their lifetime'. The company is guided by the principles of equity, wellbeing, generosity and strengths-based.

Julie Thomas, Director, has nearly 30 years of experience in the careers field as a career practitioner, national trainer, service development manager and corporate services senior leader. Over her career she has been based in Hamilton, Northland, South Auckland and Wellington. Julie holds an MBA; Post-graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling; and is Level 7 qualified in Professional Supervision, Mentoring and Coaching. She is a Life Member of the Career Development Association of NZ.


  • Individuals at any stage of your career journey to reflect and reset – through career coaching
  • Career practitioners to reflect on and strengthen the quality of services for clients – through professional supervision
  • Managers to have effective career discussions with your team members for retention and engagement – through individual or group training
  • Managers to resolve workplace conflict that is impacting on productivity and wellbeing – through group facilitation and coaching
  • Organisations to embed career development policy and procedures for strategic alignment and workforce planning – through consultancy services


Career Allies is based in Wellington, New Zealand. Individual services can be delivered face-to-face in Wellington, Porirua and Lower Hutt, or in other locations by skype or phone.  Organisational services can be delivered anywhere in NZ by arrangement. To discuss your needs email Julie at or text/phone 027 296 2291.